Packaging Biblically based wisdom in a multitude of areas for growth in such a way as to allow the truth of the word of God to penetrate your heart so that embracing it you will realize the abundant life God promised.
~Transformative Biblically Based Truths~ 

Struggling, suffering, insufficient or unsatisfied?

From heading to College thru Retirement get God’s view on finances and live free and abundantly by following this workbook. You can live without financial stress!

       Marriage of finances, faith and facts

       Exposes the financial schemes of the world

       Enlightening and frees individuals from the bondage of             debt and destructive thinking

       Video series also available

       Monthly Financial Wisdom video subscription


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Money talks and it has a lot to say about you!

It speaks of your passions, your character, your discipline, your love, and your work ethic.  Walk into supernatural blessings when you get your finances in order!

       God’s heart on money

       Money test to encourage, challenge and transform

       Scriptural ways to achieve abundance

       From just enough to abundance

       Illustrative view of stewardship

       Gain the direction you need to step into God’s plan for                  your life

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path

- Psalm 119:105


Has your teaching grown stagnant? Setting up a youth ministry? Reignite it with facts to flame your passion for the youth.

       Resource for effectively reaching youth within the church

       Provokes thought, provides insight, suggests proactive                          means to reach even the youngest church goer

       Assist teachers in reaching their highest potential

"I came to Dr. Haynes for financial counseling expecting to gain more insight on how to manage my money better for before and after marriage. Not only did she meet my expectations, but ... over $10,000 in credit card debt had been eliminated within just several months... (More)"


-Cassia C

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