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Wisdom Wealth Strategy Session

Build Confidence

Experience Forward Momentum

Operate Efficiently

Achieve Constant Increases

Kingdom Impact

Visualize A Better Future

Financial Wellness

Accumulator of Wealth

Financial Freedom & Security

We all need God ordained direction


Let's work together for a bright future ... Yours!

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Wanda S.

"What I have done makes me feel successful & more determined to use this format in other aspects of my life (physical, spiritual, etc). Now that I'm passed the low points or "worry" area and can see clearly, I can share with others who are where I was. I can share steps I've learned through this experience to encourage them to do the same. I can also point them your way knowing you will give them positive & precise lessons in overcoming the fear, procrastination, and negativity and become an organized and successful person."

After my Wisdom Wealth Session:

Banking fees eliminated Over payment of utilities refunded

Emergency account fully funded

Saving/ Giving & Fun all in budget

Everything automated - credit score up and

Best of all - Will be debt free in 6 years!!!

All on a fixed income."

Pastor R Walter

For years I have listen to many different messages and teachings about money, but always with an open mind. I have compared the things I have heard with the teachings of the Bible and found that most of it was not lining up with the intent with which God had intended. However when I started reading Dr. Haynes book “Not Just Paper” it was very refreshing because of the heart which she teaches about money without any other motive other than helping others to be financially sound. I have also started teaching this information in the prison which I volunteer and it's well received. Thank You Dr. Haynes for allowing God to use you.

Cassia C.

"I came to Dr. Haynes for financial counseling expecting to gain more insight on how to manage my money better for before and after marriage. Not only did she meet my expectations, but with her knowledge, expertise, and applying her methods, I was able to reach one of my financial goals. This had previously seems like an impossible feat. With Dr. Haynes' guidance and much effort, over $10,000 in credit card debt had been eliminated within just several months! I am now closer than ever on the journey to my financial freedom and am in the position to be arriving soon! What a blessing!

Thank you Dr. Haynes!"

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