Handling Money God's Way

Did you think that a good paying job and a whole lot of prayer would fix everything?

Are you so tired of working hard only to come up with the short end of the stick? You dig yourself out of one hole only to fall into another…

You thought you were stable and comfortable and life was OK… But now you don’t know what to do or what to put your faith in.

Are you asking yourself, Will the economy come back fast enough so you don’t go broke … and if it doesn’t what are you supposed to do?

Again, in the past did you think a good job was ideal and then Corona hit and now you can’t sleep trying to figure out how to bounce back.

  • These Corona Cooties have caused stress and anxiety in our wallets

  • We know the future is uncertain

  • NOW is the time to take action and PUT FEET TO YOUR FAITH & FIX YOUR FINANCES

Biblical Financial Personalities Masterc
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