Heart 2 Heart Truth Foundation

The Mission of Heart 2 Heart Truth Foundation is to distribute Biblically based wisdom in a multitude of areas for growth.  These transformational truths will allow the truth of the word of God to penetrate the hearts of believers so that embracing it they will realize the abundant life God promised.

For those who can't afford to purchase the books... For those groups that need an opportunity to be discipled... For spreading the Word to a wider audience... This foundation promotes healing with a heart.

Our Giving To Date:
  • Discounted materials to several Church groups

  • Discounts to Christian Universities for student books

  • Donated books to Hillsborough County Public Library

  • Donated books to Pasco County Public Library

  • Financial Wisdom Summary presented to church communities

  • Individuals saved from $200/month to over $10,000 debt reduced

  • Presentation to Just Breathe Retreat participants

  • Donated books to Charlotte Christian College

  • Resources given to Individuals with Challenge entry

  • Resources given to Esther Crown Ministries

  • Various small groups supported

Our Vision for 2021:
  • Black Wealth 

  • Incarceration Education

  • Teen Tactile Training

  • Senior Savings Summit

  • Christian Money Management 

  • Widows Financial Crisis Collaboration

Help Spread the Word and Impact the Community