Do You Hear What I Hear?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The times we are living in can be unsettling. It doesn't mean that it has to cause anxiety. As people of faith, our trust in God should supersede all chaos of the world. The question is, Are we listening to what God is saying to us at this time?

Read 1 Samuel 3

1 Samuel 3, speaks of Samuel learning to hear from God. In verse 1 it reminds us that the Word is precious... rare. Lately it seems that the world has been strategically eradicating God and His word from every area of life. It's been removed from school, media, sexual identification and activity, the definition of marriage, and the sanctity of life issues, to name a few. We see so much that is in direct contradiction to what God says is right. God's word is a divine directive so that we can enjoy a life filled with prosperity. That includes not only financial gain but health, peace, a good journey and so much more. So, Samuel didn't have the benefit of knowing from the outside what was true and right from the Author. We should hold dear what God says! It is a serious matter; life and death! Are your ears ready to receive?

In verse 4, Samuel hears God calling. The sound was familiar; comforting and not startling. The trusted spiritual leader was the first point of contact. Often our leaders will direct us appropriately and that is good. It's those that are not following God's word that pose a problem and are detrimental to our future. As believers we know the Bible tells us that we will know the tree by the fruit that it bears (Matthew 7:17,18; Luke 6:43). If the one you are following is going against God's word... they are not God's spiritual leader and shouldn't be yours! Let me be crystal clear... Miracle Water, Miracle Virus Oil, Anointed Oil, Prayer Shawls and other items sold to heal or help you gain money are NOT of God. Is healing available, ABSOLUTELY! Is financial prosperity a birth right for the believer, YES! But those who are pimping God's word and miracles for their own gain are doing a disservice to the people of God and the name of the Most High. It's time that we wake up and see a charlatan for what he is and be wise enough to not buy into their schemes. It's time to re-evaluate our allegiances and align with God. Let's have the faith to receive from God and not look for a work around. Giving an offering and turning around 7 times is not going to get you out of debt! Faith and works is required. You can get out of debt!! Following God's principles will allow you to live in freedom and walk victoriously.

In verse 7 we see that Samuel hadn't experienced the Lord for himself. Many today haven't developed that personal relationship with God either. Maybe that's why the relying on others and subsequent fueling of the fleecing of the flock. We need to hear God for ourselves. Samuel's response should be our response, Here I am! During this time of realignment, Ask God to speak to you.

  • Ask God to show you where you are wasting money

  • How you have your priorities out of order

  • Who you are taking for granted

  • When you are not grateful and

  • What you can do to be a better servant.

Ask believing that you will not only be heard but be given an answer (1 John 5:14,15). In verses 9-10, Samuel cries, "Speak Lord, your servant listens". Let's make the same cry and write down what God replies.

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Here's a challenge: Why do you want to be financially successful? Answer honestly. Write it down. Now ask yourself again using the previous answer, Why? Keep asking yourself based on the previous response at least 7 times. This will uncover your why and give you much needed insight to empower you to be successful. I've had some reveal that they wanted to appear like others in their neighborhood. Some are trying to overcome prejudices from the past proving that they matter. Others determined that they had a love for money. Let's be clear again... Appearance and keeping up with the Jones' is not sufficient enough. You were created special and not like anyone else. What God has planned for you exceeds what you can imagine. If others have a problem, don't take it onto yourself. You matter and are very important to God. He sent Jesus to die for YOU! Let prejudices die and live in the present. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone. The love of money has been the root of all evil and bad decisions since the world began. See money as a resource to be used to do good and not use people to get money.

Is your motive for gaining financial abundance right in God's eyes? The Bible says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children (Proverbs 13:22). Are you wasting money or are you future focused? Do you have long term and short term goals? Do you have a savings and emergency fund? Are you adequately working and paying your bills? It's time to hear from the Lord.

In the remaining verses God reveals Himself to Samuel giving him direction (vs. 11-14) and the result of being willing to hear and speak on His behalf (vs. 19-21). The big take away is that God will speak and give direction. He will also establish you as one of His own.

This is the time for the child of God to be the beacon of light for others to follow. Let's let our light shine before men that they come to us asking what manner of man is this that we serve. Let's do so much good that they flock asking how God has blessed us. Let's be so abundantly blessed in all aspects of life that those in the world want what we have. Let's represent our King and the Kingdom so well that we are like that city set on a hill. Let's get our lives together. All aspects of our lives... Faith, Family, and Finances. Let's praise God in advance for helping us make the changes necessary. Let's thank Him for sending the right teachers because we as students are ready. Let's give Him the glory for what He is doing in our lives and how He will use us to bless others. Let's tell someone else so that they won't be lost. Let's go into all the world and share the good news. Let's look in the mirror, examine ourselves, and determine to make a change.

To Do:

Ask God for direction

Determine SMART Goals

Discover your WHY

Realign to God's priorities

Add works to your faith

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Serving as unto the Lord,

Dr. Chonta

Heart 2 Heart Truth Ministries

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