The Missing Piece for Financial Peace

Have you ever said, “If only I could get a clear plan for managing my money and gain peace of mind?” Then this might be the most important report you read all year. Here’s why…


I don’t know how to remove the struggle from money management.

I don’t know where to find Biblical direction on what to do step by step

I don’t want to have predators take advantage of me and my situation.


Relaxing on the beach (or skiing the slopes if you prefer), you watch the waves come in and out. You’re peaceful, calm even about your finical future. You have all your finances on auto pilot even while on vacation. You enjoy the 4th quarter of your life doing what you enjoy without money frustrations.


Not only have I coached for over 15 years. But I grew up making wise financial decisions. Early on I figured out the tuition system and avoided a full year of increase. I began putting away for retirement in my 20’s. I’ve experienced the death of a child which required going from 2 incomes to 1. Then again when an unwanted divorce was in view, I readjusted and remained financially secure.

God’s wisdom found in the pages of the Bible have directed me. Teaching Biblical Finance and counseling for over 15 years have positioned me to be a Biblical Money Management Strategist.

“following the advice ... I found $2500 by selling a camper I wasn't using but paying storage on. Now my emergency fund is over $7000 and I have the storage fee of $150/month freed up in my budget. Life will force you to take steps... glad I'm on the right path now."~ Denise ~


In this report you are going to discover:

  1. How to improve your financial peace

  2. How to harness the positives of your God given personality

  3. How to enhance your money management skills so you can walk in abundance.

Each of these are equally important to know to make the correct decisions about money management at this stage so that you can thrive now and in the future.

We are going to cover each of these points in order.


This is important because if you’re having sleepless nights, frustrated, uncertain about money it affects your quality of life as a whole.

The important thing is to find a balance, remain in balance, and know the steps to readjust when necessary. Having faith that God will supply all of your needs is important to hold onto. It’s a great mindset. But don’t forget that faith without works is dead. Don’t be tossed to and fro in the sea of overwhelm, uncertainty, standing at a cross road without a plan. That’s a recipe for lack of peace.

Just recently I helped WANDA:

"What I have done makes me feel successful & more determined to use this format in other aspects of my life (physical, spiritual, etc). Now that I'm passed the low points or "worry" area and can see clearly, I can share with others who are where I was. I can share steps I've learned through this experience to encourage them to do the same. I can also point them your way knowing you will give them positive & precise lessons in overcoming the fear, procrastination, and negativity and become an organized and successful person."

After my Wisdom Wealth Session:

Banking fees eliminated

Over payment of utilities refunded

Emergency account fully funded

Saving/ Giving & Fun all in budget

Everything automated - credit score up

and Best of all - Will be debt free in 6 years!!!

All on a fixed income."

Okay, now you have the first step: Improve financial peace. So let’s move to to …


Recently I met with ‘Steamy’ Sandra who constantly had people asking for money. Over time the requests kept getting larger and more outrageous. Sandra became more of a people pleaser as she desired relationship. And her debt also increased! Her heart was always to give yet she found that she had more month than money. It was because her gift of generosity was being manipulated. It’s like our heavenly Father to be generous but you can’t impact the Kingdom if you’re broke. I got her on a budget that allocated a specific dollar amount to give each month. She balanced logic with emotion and now doesn’t feel the pressure.

What stared off as a small problem became an absolute nightmare because she didn’t deal with it sooner.

The is just a sample of one Biblical Financial Personality that may be lurking under your financial mishaps. God created you unique and walking in your authentic personality will take the struggle out of money management when you understand your relationship with money.

To keep this from happening you want to take action NOW! At the end of this report I have a special bonus for you that will help you do just that.

BEFORE: I'm sitting here in tears listening to your message. I'm so discouraged about my financial situation and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm $9000 in credit card debt and it's sucking the life out of me. I've been struggling financially FOR YEARS and I'm tired. I want to believe God will turn it around but I also know I have to pay the consequences for poor decisions. I'm looking forward to receiving your devotional and I pray for a breakthrough soon in this area of my life.

AFTER (within 6 weeks): Thank you for your prayers and encouragement regarding my financial situation. God has heard... I have more money in the bank now than I have ever had! I can even pay off one of my credit cards in full. I'm starting with the lowest, and using that payment on the next one... I used the missing money site and found I'm an heir... I just got a new job... Finally I'm in a place where I'll no longer struggle with finances and I've already sowed seed into several ministries that I know is good soil. ~Cyndi

Now let’s move on to:


This is important for you to know because an unqualified Coach can leave you dead broke and penniless for worse struggling to survive in your golden years instead of enjoying a comfortable retirement.

I spoke with several women who experienced overwhelm at the paperwork they needed to fill out with little direction and cost them plenty. Unfortunately it wasn’t Biblically based wisdom and they felt deprived operating on rice and beans for years. The resentment built as they watched others (previous significant others included) being successful while they struggled often missing payments, credit scores in need of resuscitation, and mounting debt. They had sacrificed for years to relive debt but they couldn’t breathe and they gave up, losing much.

God’s word has clear direction on what to avoid and how to remain in covenant. God has a plan for you and rest assured, Jesus didn’t die for you to financially struggle!

So when you sit down with a Coach make sure that they substantiate their claims with testimonials and proof that they are who they claim to be so that you avoid finding yourself in a similar situation.

"I came to Dr. Haynes for financial counseling expecting to gain more insight on how to manage my money better for before and after marriage. Not only did she meet my expectations, but with her knowledge, expertise, and applying her methods, I was able to reach one of my financial goals. This had previously seems like an impossible feat. With Dr. Haynes' guidance and much effort, over $10,000 in credit card debt had been eliminated within just several months! I am now closer than ever on the journey to my financial freedom and am in the position to be arriving soon! What a blessing! Thank you Dr. Haynes!" ~Cassia

So now you know the three key things you need in order to have a successful experience with Biblical money management so that you can experience a guaranteed, affordable and dependable plan, money still in the bank, the work performed by a a highly qualified Coach, the process being a breeze, and rest easy knowing your money is safe and protected.


If you’re looking for the best way to know how to get a fresh start financially with clarity and direction, I want to personally help you get the results you desire so I’ve put together a very special cost, limited time offer just for you.

“Financial Fresh Start Group Coaching” and it’s starting soon. (BETA pricing $797 for 12 sessions)

I have set aside time to personally meet with the group as we lay out a customized plan so you can have clarity that will protect you from predators even if you never handled your own finances in the past.

During our time together you will receive:

  • Clarity on what’s your next step

  • Identify destructive mindsets

  • Determine tools for continued progress

  • Set realistic goals

  • Identify disrupters and sabotagers

  • Identify your Biblical Financial Personality

  • Pinpoint what can be eliminated

  • Automate key transactions

  • Put in perspective your financial future

  • Evaluate alliances and banking advantages/disadvantages

  • Plus Much, Much More!

This will give you a financial plan and provide you with peace of mind knowing you are safe from predators and missed payments.

I will give you priceless information about how you can gain financial security during this crisis and move into your 4th quarter of life comfortably.

Most importantly you will receive the knowledge of what a wisdom wealth plan looks like, so you do not become a victim of an unethical coach like countless women each year.

I’m so confident that you’ll find the “Financial Fresh Start Group” valuable the I’m going to give you a

100% Risk Free Guarantee

Although your strategy session is free, I know your time is valuable. I also understand yo might be wondering if my offer is as valuable as I say it is so I am putting my money where my mouth is. If after participating full out in the Financial Fresh Start group, you don’t feel it was worth your time, just tell me and I will give you your money back.

Remember earlier in this report when I asked you to imagine if you could wave a magic wand and experience a guaranteed relaxing secure financial future.

I can help you make that happen. The first step is to click here: and schedule a time for us to meet for your “Wisdom Wealth Strategy Session”. And we will get you all set up.

You can also claim your free strategy session at:

If you are at a crossroad and want to get in the program before the spaces are filled (limit 25). You can REGISTER HERE for the Financial Fresh Start Group:

Finish 2020 and Start 2021 on the right path - God’s plan! Mondays 7:30pm - Nov. 2 - Jan 18


Dr. Chonta T. A. Haynes

Biblical Money Management Expert

Heart 2 Heart Truth Ministries

P.S. I understand if you’re a bit skeptical. Many of my happy clients felt the same way before they met with me but here is what they found:

I've had Dr. Haynes for financial counseling and a course on Biblical finances. At first was a bit of a shock because of how I grew up not knowing anything about responsible stewardship. After a while I was convinced of what she was teaching and it helped me grow especially in being faithful in the area of giving. Overall it has been encouraging and transformational. ~Caleb

When we think of the Bible or even church, we tend to shy away from or flat out avoid the topic of money. However, learning about finances from a Biblical perspective is something that exists and that is what this book provides. This book is a life changing read because you learn about money and what you must do to remain living in abundance while referencing God's Word. I recommend the book "Not Just Paper" for anyone who is just getting started financially or someone who is well established, there is something for all in this book.~Curran

For years I have listen to many different messages and teachings about money, but always with an open mind. I have compared the things I have heard with the teachings of the Bible and found that most of it was not lining up with the intent with which God had intended. However when I started reading Dr. Haynes book “Not Just Paper” it was very refreshing because of the heart which she teaches about money without any other motive other than helping others to be financially sound. I have also started teaching this information in the prison which I volunteer and it's well received. Thank You Dr. Haynes for allowing God to use you.~ Pastor Rodrick

About the Author

The subject of money makes many cringe. With a solid background in solving problems and understanding finances, I've sought to help others gain control and not be taken by the systems of this world.

When going to college, I realized that tuition increased every year. So I set out to graduate from Georgia Tech in 3 years. It wasn't to be identified but to save money for my family knowing my brother was only two years behind me.

Armed with degrees in engineering, theology, and Christian counseling, I aim to put charlatans fleecing the flock of God out of business. I help Christians (individuals & couples), Entrepreneurs, Pastors and Church Administrators gain financial freedom so they are empowered with a secure future and are able to equip others.

When we live the abundant life Jesus died for us to have, the world will be drawn to the Kingdom. Allow me to help you put feet to your faith and walk victoriously!

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