God made you unique!  With that comes a set of gifts and personality traits.  These color how you process money, how you think about money and how you manage your money.  There are some things you do because it is your personality that may not maximize your money management skills.


Biblical Financial Personalities is a study into the 4 personalities with the Biblical references.  It will be an eye opener to WHY you do what you do and WHAT you can do so that you operate in your God given personality and feel authenic and natural. 


Discover YOUR Biblical Financial Personality and Improve your bottom line NOW

* Eye opener to WHY your style of money management isn't effective and WHAT you can do NOW to improve your financial peace

* God made you unique, harness the positives, study the Scripture and walk in abundance

*Using the Biblical based reference, discover key takeaways to enhance your money management skills so you can walk out the abundant life God promised

Biblical Financial Personalities

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