We all have them - changes in seasons, major life events, unexpected surprises. We are on our knees fighting from victory knowing God is our champion. When we take our battles to the One who has the power to change things, we win. When we war on our knees we stop fighting our brothers and sisters, we all win. When we ask God to intervene, we grow and change. When we wait on the Lord, we renew our strength. 


  • It's the Daniel keeping the lions at bay prayers
  • It's the firey furnace prayers
  • It's the rain stopping and sun halting prayers
  • It's the mountain moving prayers
  • It's the no words Hannah praying prayers
  • It's the jail breaking prayers


Prayers for breakthrough, deliverance, soul stirring and healing. Standing on the promises of God expecting a manifestation and walking victoriously!


Ready to fight?




Scriptural references for meditation

Prayer Journal & Planner

Over 300 pages 

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Divinely Connected: Praying Through Life's Struggles