Come along my sister, let's do life this year together...


Sisters in Christ have a strong connection. Looking to please God, we wrestle with acceptance, balance and self-care. Cut from different cloths but experiencing life from a side of vulnerability that men don't understand.


We talk randomly, we give details and we feel deeply.

We hurt and need hugs.

We harbor secrets and need to share.

We accomplish much and should be celebrated.

We give all to others and need to be poured into.

We need each other, so let's rejoice and weep together.


Grab your girl and join me as we deal with life issues... sister to sister.


Growing, Reflecting, Stretching, Celebrating, Praying, Reading and Discovering the life changing promises of God's word. 


Weathering the storms of life and navigating the seasons of change.


Come let us meet at the well



Scriptural references for meditation

Mindset & Goal setting

Sermon Note taking

A year of walking through life

Over 600 pages of inspiration

Anticipated availability (Early 2021)

Divinely Connected: Sister 2 Sister